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Hi, I’m Tonya and I am a UX professional with a vast amount of experience in the industry. I love people. I love usability. I love my profession. I hope you enjoy some of my work showcased in the Portfolio section of the site. Until then, why not learn some more about me?

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Email – mccato at gmail dot com
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What is a Unicorn Herder?
A Unicorn Herder is someone who can come into a project and help the team focus. Regardless of the Unicorn Herder’s background, they are flexible with their role. They can assume the role of UX lead, product manager, scrum master, or some combination of all three. They understand that strong communication brings more value and clarity to the team, enabling the team to be more efficient and productive. In addition, the Unicorn Herder understands the value of compromise. While it would be wonderful to always build the perfect product with the best user experience, realistically it is not always possible. Maybe the perfect solution is too expensive, takes too much time, or the technology doesn’t exist yet. Instead, the Unicorn Herder focuses on helping the team get to the BEST solution given the current constraints and moves the team toward that objective. Unicorn Herders are very outcome driven. They understand that helping the team achieve a desired outcome is our primary objective. And because they are team-oriented at heart, the Unicorn Herder is always pushing for the team to experience success.

I am a Unicorn Herder.