Rearchitecting the UM School of Information

When the University of Michigan School of Information hired my agency, Enlighten, to help with a website redesign for the school I was both excited and nervous. As an alumnus of the school, I felt we could provide value by really helping to streamline the experience of the site. But as a relatively recent graduate of the program, I was honestly very nervous about going into a department of information professionals and telling them that their site was a mess. The redesign project was scoped small. Using a small team consisting of a vice president of sales, a visual designer and myself, we were hired to architect the site, provide wireframe templates, a new visual design, and to work closely with the school’s Drupal team. As the information architect for the project, I took the lead on mapping out the process to uncover what the school’s objectives and needs were. I lead several discovery sessions with the three Deans of the program, working to uncover their short-term and long-term goals of the program. I conducted inperson focus groups with all of the user groups, learning how the current site met and didn’t meet their needs. After analyzing all of the […]
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Inbetween Nation

The BIG Idea In the agency world, we were often encouraged to think big. And when Bioré launched the new product line InBetween, our visual designer came up with the amazing concept of the Visualizer. We brought in 166 women to take our survey and take their pictures. The result was an amazing and creative data visualization that end-users could interact with, upload their own phone, and complete the survey. My role on this project was to create the wireframes and develop the rules for how the Inbetween Visualizer moved. I was also responsible for the user testing of this application before it launched. View it here: Bioré Inbetween Visualizer
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