Establishing Baseline Workflows

I had the opportunity to work with my colleague, Matt Martin, on an interesting and challenging project. We were tasked with determining the primary user experience workflows within JSTOR. The project was interesting because it was up to Matt and I to define the workflow based on the site’s web analytics. The challenging aspect of the project was for Matt and I to learn to use and interpret Adobe Analytics (formerly Site Catalyst) correctly without relying too heavily on our Analytics team.

We learned to question our assumptions. We redefined our understanding of workflows. Were workflows more than usage? We needed to factor business objectives and goals with site usage. We then needed to present our finding in way that would be understood with an audience with a variety of analytics expertise.

The outcome was better than expected. Not only did Matt and I learn a lot about Adobe Analytics and our business objects, we learned how to present really complicated workflows in clear and straightforward diagrams.