“Just Enough” Wireframe

Part of the allure in joining JSTOR is that they are an agile shop. Theoretically, I understood the mechanics of agile and scrum in particular. But I didn’t understand how user experience deliverables fit into the work of scrum development teams. I was used to waterfall methodology, mapping out an entire experience in advance of the technical build. In addition, I was accustomed to working in an agency model in which the agency works in parallel of the client and when our work is complete, we flip the switch on. I needed to adapt my deliverables to the dev teams to be leaner and I needed to be able to make them faster. Instead of writing 100+ pages of functional specifications that contained all of the wireframes and annotations for the entire experience, the wireframe needed to reflect only what contained in a single development user story. I could then work with the dev team to clarify all of the edge cases during sprint planning sessions, enabling them to work faster and more efficiently.